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Posted: December 10, 2020


New Hampshire Department of Education
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New Hampshire Academy of Science Wins First Learn Everywhere Program Approval

The State Board of Education approved Learn Everywhere programs for Life Science (Biology) and Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics)

CONCORD – The State Board of Education, on the recommendation of Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut, approved its first Learn Everywhere program for life and physical science by the New Hampshire Academy of Science.

Learn Everywhere, an innovative education program unique to New Hampshire, allows students to earn credit for learning outside of the classroom. The program, which has been under development since 2018, was first approved in August 2020.

“I am incredibly excited that we are able to bring this first of many programs to New Hampshire students and families,” stated Frank Edelblut, the commissioner of education. “All of our research shows that learning opportunities inside, and outside of the traditional school, that engage students result in deeper and richer learning. Beyond that, however, we know that these programs are particularly beneficial to otherwise disadvantaged students.”

Drew Cline, the chair of the State Board of Education stated, “Through Learn Everywhere, students can earn high school credits by demonstrating competencies learned outside the school building. We’re thrilled to be able to offer students this opportunity to earn science credits by completing the world-class program at the New Hampshire Academy of Science.”

Peter Faletra from the Academy stated, “The NHAS is honored to be approved to offer the Learn Everywhere program to students of NH. This is an opportunity for our students to gain high school credit for authentic and inspiring research they do at our STEM lab in Lyme NH and labs we are creating with collaborating schools around the state with support from NIH. I can’t thank enough the leaders of our state’s Department of Education for being so supportive and creative in making NH a leader in the nation for STEM education.”

Nate Greene, Administrator of the Bureau of Educational Opportunities stated, “This approval creates an exciting new opportunity for students to earn credit who, today, are demonstrating mastery of competencies across an array of scientific disciplines and who are conducting high-level research. Recognizing their hard work and demonstrated mastery through this program is a prime example of New Hampshire’s competency-based education system”.

Students enrolled in these programs are now able to earn high school credit in Life Science (Biology) and Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics). Additional information about the Learn Everywhere program can be found here.