State Advisory Committee

Information about the State Advisory Committee (SAC) on the Education of Students/Children with Disabilities and associated documents.

In 1989, the New Hampshire legislature established, by RSA 186-C:3-b, the Advisory Committee on the Education of Children/Students with Disabilities. This committee advises the Commissioner of Education on issues related to special education, and promotes communication and cooperation among individuals involved with students with disabilities. In addition, the committee is charged with reviewing the federal financial participation and the level of state funding to determine their impact on the programs and delivery of services to children/students with disabilities throughout the state.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee include: advising the Department of Education (DOE) regarding unmet needs within the state in the education of children /students with disabilities; provide an annual report to the Governor and the State Legislature on the status of education of students with disabilities in New Hampshire; Comment publicly on the state plan and rules or regulations proposed for issuance by the state regarding the education of children/students with disabilities; assist the state in developing and reporting such information and evaluations as may assist the U.S. Secretary of Education in the performance of responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); advise the DOE in developing corrective action plans to address findings identified in federal monitoring reports; advise the DOE in developing and implementing policies relating to the coordination of services for children/students with disabilities.