LEA Determinations

As required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 34 CFR section 300.600, States are required to make determinations annually on the performance of each public school district regarding the implementation of IDEA.

State Education Agencies (SEAs) are required to determine whether LEAs are meeting the requirements of IDEA (34 CFR 300.600(a)(2)). LEA determinations are one ways the state monitors each LEA’s implementation of IDEA, as part of our state’s general supervision system. Federal requirements require a focus on improving education results with specific SPP Indicators as well as additional areas of need identified by each state. These areas make up our NH LEA Determination Rubric.

School district determinations are made using the same four categories that the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) used when making the determination of States. The four categories of determination based on the rubric criterion are:

  • Meets the requirements and purposes of the IDEA;
  • Needs assistance in implementing the requirements of the IDEA;
  • Needs intervention in implementing the requirements of the IDEA; or
  • Needs substantial intervention in implementing the requirements of the IDEA or substantial failure to comply with the requirements of IDEA.

There are specific technical assistance or supports, consistent with the level of need signaled by the determination, for any district that does not meet the requirements of the IDEA.

2022-2023 LEA Determinations Process Orientation

LEA Determination Rubric

Technical Assistance for Needs Intervention (NI) and Needs Substantial Intervention (NSI)