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Preschool Special Education

Information on obtaining Special Education Program Approval and Individual Program Approval (IPA).

  • Serving children ages 3-5
  • Individualized Education plans
  • Early Childhood Transitions
  • Initiatives include:

New Hampshire has a long history of providing a free, appropriate public education to children with disabilities, ages 3-5. By federal and state law, local school districts must work with families and community partners to find, identify and serve children who are eligible for special education and related services so that services can begin by the child's third birthday. An Individualized Education Program is developed for each eligible child based on that child's strengths and needs. Placements may include the child's home, local private or public preschool/kindergartens, or Head Start programs. Sometimes, the placement is in a special education program or even in a separate approved special education program or residential facility.

Early Childhood Transitions

The transition from Family Centered Early Supports and Services (ESS) to preschool special education and other community services is a time of change. Change usually causes stress. We can reduce this stress and make transition a positive experience for all involved by working as a team of families, preschools, early supports and services, and all other early care and education staff working with the family.

If you have any concerns about your child, or have any questions about Preschool Special Education in your area use the following contact list. Once downloaded press CTRL+F and you will be able to search by town or SAU for a Preschool Special Education Contact Person or Special Education Administrator in New Hampshire.


Christina MacDonald
Preschool 619 Coordinator
State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)
(603) 271-4680

Krisha Dubreuil
Education Consultant
Preschool Children ages 3-5
Technical Assistance

NH State Personnel Development Grant - iSocial
Amy Aiello
Program Specialist III
(603) 271-1536

Penny Duffy
Grants & Contracts Technician
(603) 271-3843