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Date: March 17, 2023


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Initiative for New Hampshire’s Data Exchange launches

iNHDEX unveiled to New Hampshire School Administrators Association

CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire Department of Education (NHED) launched its new, web-based Statewide Student Information System today – a massive project that will take about three years to deploy. 

The new system, Initiative for New Hampshire’s Data Exchange (iNHDEX), will leverage technological advancements and enable real-time data collection to improve analysis and reporting – all while saving schools money and time.

“We are thrilled to be offering a new Statewide Student Information System that adapts to everchanging federal and state reporting guidelines while simultaneously enhancing efficiency across New Hampshire’s school system,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner. “We really cannot understate the cost savings that the deployment of iNHDEX will have for both the state and school districts across the state. This modern, cloud-based system will be efficient, simple to use and will enable schools to efficiently report data as well as implement productive data analytics and meaningful reporting.”

iNHDEX (pronounced ‘Index’) will replace the existing i4see data collection system that was first implemented in 2001 but has become difficult and costly to maintain and update. Throughout the next three years, iNHDEX will be deployed and phased into all New Hampshire public schools and districts. 

Representatives from NHED and its partners officially launched the project during a special presentation Friday before the New Hampshire School Administrators Association. NHED’s Division of Education Analytics and Resources has contracted with Alma Technologies, Inc., in the amount of $2,489,900, to purchase and distribute iNHDEX following a competitive RFP process reviewed by Department staff and school personnel. 

“We are honored to design and deploy iNHDEX – a future-forward approach to state-level data management,” said Andrew Herman, Co-founder and CEO of Alma Technologies. “Alma is unwaveringly committed to this partnership and looks forward to supporting New Hampshire’s modern and progressive approach to education.”

Districts will use the state portal to upload, validate and certify student enrollment data, academic performance, college and career readiness data and more. Districts will have the option to use Alma as their district School Information System as well, at a reduced cost with full integration.

“SAU 46 (Merrimack Valley and Andover school districts) has been working with Alma for several years. In that time, our experiences with Alma, the platform, have been terrific. The application is customizable, innovative and intuitive. More importantly, the great people that work at Alma have proven to be creative, open-minded, responsive and caring. Alma has been a great partner to SAU 46,” said Superintendent Mark MacLean. “This contract with NHED hopefully signals a long-lasting and mutually beneficial opportunity to districts across the state.”

This project has been largely funded through a competitive State Longitudinal Data Systems grant that was awarded to NHED in 2020, with the remaining state funds allocated to NHED in the last state biennium budget. 

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