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Posted: February 06, 2023


Kim Houghton, Communications Administrator
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New Hampshire assessment season ready to kick off

CONCORD, NH — Following the learning disruptions that resulted from the pandemic, it is more important than ever to track and evaluate educational progress to ensure that New Hampshire students are not only recovering, but thriving. As New Hampshire works to accelerate learning, the Statewide Assessment System (NHSAS) is one of the best tools to monitor learning outcomes.

“Assessment data allows school districts to create targeted strategies for students performing at the lower end of the achievement scale, as well as accelerated students that are highly advanced, which is vitally important in the aftermath of the pandemic. Understanding the data helps to improve teaching, identify supports and determine whether interventions are necessary – knowing that the needs of our students are our top priority,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner. “Participation in the exams is incredibly beneficial, as this data is one way to assess how students are learning. Last year’s data was useful in understanding that although New Hampshire assessment scores have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, performance scores in 2022 were beginning to show slight gains.” 

The New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System will be administered to students in grades 3-8 from March 7 through June 16, and will assess English Language Arts and Math proficiency. Similarly, NHSAS will test Science proficiency in grades 5, 8, and 11 during this same timeframe. A separate testing window for English Language Proficiency for English Language Learners with the ACCESS test is already underway and will conclude on March 24. 

For older students, the SAT exam will be administered during the school day to high school juniors. Those testing dates vary depending upon district, but occur between March 22-24 and March 28-29. Students with accommodations have an extended window to take the test from March 22 to April 4. Makeup testing will be administered from April 12-14 and April 18-19. For students preparing for the SAT, PSAT and ACT, the New Hampshire Department of Education previously partnered with to offer free tutoring and test preparation services to all students in grades 6-12; this service provides specific SAT subject preparation exams and may be accessed by New Hampshire students at

Additional information on the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment Program is available at NHSAS.