Administrative Rules

Administrative rules implement state statutes, and govern the operation of state agencies.

Minimum Standards for Public Schools Approval, Ed 306

The State Board of Education is in the process of reviewing a proposal to amend rules governing the Minimum Standards for Public Schools Approval, Ed 306.

State Board of Education Adopt/Amend/Repeal of Rules

The powers and duties of the State Board of Education include adopting administrative rules governing: attendance and records of attendance of all students, minimum standards for public schools, standards for student performance, adult basic education programs, approval of non-public schools, vocational rehabilitation programs, and equal access for all New Hampshire students to a quality education. A complete list of the Board’s powers, duties, and rulemaking authority is authorized under RSA 21-N:9 and RSA 186:11,X.

Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR)

The Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) was established in 1983 by the state legislature to provide legislative oversight in the area of administrative rulemaking by the agencies of the executive branch.

Titles by Number

  • Chapter Ed 200 Rules Of Practice And Procedure
  • Chapter Ed 300 Administration Of Minimum Standards In Public Schools
  • Ed 302 Duties Of School Superintendents
  • Ed 303 Duties Of School Board
  • Ed 304 Duties Of School Principals
  • Ed 305 School Building Construction (Moved to Ed 321)
  • Ed 306 Minimum Standards For Public School Approval
  • Ed 306.26 Kindergarten Through Grade 8 School Curriculum (including Holocaust  and Genocide Education Program)
  • Ed 307 Manifest Educational Hardship (formerly Ed 320)
  • Ed 308-309 Reserved
  • Ed 310 Developmentally Appropriate Daily Activity
  • Ed 311 School Health Services
  • Ed 312 - 314 Reserved
  • Ed 315  Home Education Programs
  • Ed 316 Procedure To Mark Drug-Free School Zones
  • Ed 317 Standards And Procedures For Suspension And Expulsion Of Pupils Including Procedures Assuring Due Process
  • Ed 318 Chartered Public Schools
  • Ed 319 Open Enrollment Schools
  • Ed 320 School Facility Approval Process
  • Ed 321 School Building Construction
  • Ed 322 Regional Career and Technical Center Lease Aid
  • Ed 323 Charter School Lease Aid
  • Ed 400 Approval Of Nonpublic Schools
  • Ed 500 Certification Standards For Educational Personnel
  • Ed 511 Investigations and Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Ed 600 Approval Of Professional Preparation Programs
  • Ed 700 Adult High School, Basic Education Program and High School Equivalency Program
  • Ed 800 Education Freedom Accounts Program
  • Ed 900 Dropout Prevention and Dropout Recovery Program
  • Ed 1000 Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
  • Ed 1100 Standards For The Education Of Students With Disabilities
  • Ed 1200 - Restraint and Seclusion for Children
  • Ed 1300 Alternative Education and Regional Career and Technical Education
  • Ed 1400 Learn Everywhere Programs
  • Ed 1500 Innovation Schools


Julie Shea
Administrative Rules Coordinator