About the Division of Educator Support and Higher Education

The Division of Educator Support and Higher Education oversees licensing for all New Hampshire educators, provides transcripts for now-closed colleges, provides oversight of postsecondary educator preparation programs, approves postsecondary institutions to accept VA funds, licenses career schools, and coordinates the Higher Education Commission which oversees private and out-of-state institutions of higher education serving New Hampshire students.

Stephen Appleby was confirmed by the Executive Council as Director of the Division of Educator Support and Higher Education on November 25, 2019. Prior to that, Appleby had served as the Administrator of the Bureau of Credentialing since July 2018.

At the Bureau of Credentialing, Appleby and the Bureau staff oversaw the updating of the state’s educator credentialing portal, the Educator Information System (EIS). These updates to EIS allow more than 28,000 educators across New Hampshire to track their credentials status online and receive digital credentials, providing more efficient service. Appleby crafted a proposal adopted by the State Board of Education September 10, 2020 that lowers licensing and renewal fees for most New Hampshire educators.  Prior to joining the Department of Education, Stephen owned and operated a NH licensed post-secondary workforce development education company for almost 20 years.