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Adult Basic Education

ABE classes are free for adults, over the age of 18, interested in improving their basic skills in reading, writing and math.

ABE Classes

  • Find an ABE program near you by using the Locations page.
  • Contact your local program to find out when classes meet and how to register.
  • Students come to ABE with different goals – learning to read to a child, improving math skills for a job, beginning to prepare for the high school equivalency test.
  • You may attend ABE classes for as long as you need to meet your goals.
  • Free of charge

Resources for Students

  • Practice math skills using flashcards or games
  • Practice basic facts through algebra
  • Easy to use
  • Can create flashcards for on-line use or to print
  • Worksheets can be printed for extra practice or completed on-line

  • This site contains hundreds of pages of math skills
  • Interactive practice on every page
  • An explanation of the math topic is given on each page
  • Topics include fractions, exponents, and algebra
  • Good site for reviewing a skill before you practice it

  • Excellent site to learn and practice math skills
  • Many subjects including fractions, decimals, percent, and pre-algebra
  • For each subject there is a 1st glance, in-depth explanation, examples, and a workout

  • Many interesting reading passages on topics such as work, law, family, health, and science
  • Most are written on two reading levels
  • Each article includes on-line vocabulary, spelling, comprehension

  • A tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles
  • Offers a lot of online practice
  • Teachers can design their own worksheets or choose from a list of pre-made worksheets

  • Easy to use
  • Offers an online calculator and downloadable calculator software
  • Offers an online conversion function