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Adult High School Diploma Programs

Adult high school diploma programs offer classes for high school credit. Adults who left high school before graduation can take the courses they need to earn a diploma.

Most classes meet in the evening, once a week, for a 15 week period during the school year.

Contact an adult high school program near you (See Locations) to get more details and to find out how to enroll.

Most programs charge tuition for adult high school classes.

How the Diploma Program Works

  • The first step is an assessment of your high school credits.
  • A coordinator or counselor will look at your high school transcript to see how many credits you earned in high school.
  • Then you can make a plan to earn the remaining credits you need to graduate.
  • When you have completed requirements, your adult high school diploma will be granted by the school district that sponsors the program.
  • Get more details by looking at New Hampshire Adult High School Requirements.

Classes for High School Graduates

  • Some adults who are high school graduates also take diploma classes as refresher courses
  • Others take diploma classes to meet college entry requirements, such as algebra and chemistry.

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