High School Equivalency Testing for Students 16 and 17 Years of Age

On July 1, 2009, the New Hampshire compulsory school age changed from 16 to 18. The process for seeking permission to take High School Equivalency Tests before the age of 18 also changed.

Requesting a Waiver to the Age Requirement for High School Equivalency Testing

General Process

Students 16 and 17 years old are required to have an approved waiver to the age requirement in order to be able to take the HiSET Test.

The student will need to complete the following steps:

1. Consult with your school counselor and your parents to see if a high school equivalency exam is an appropriate option for you.

2. Determine whether you will take the HiSET Exam or the GED Exam.

3. Establish an online account for the test you want to take:

4. Make sure that the name and address of your HiSET or GED account matches your government issued photo ID.

  • You must have a government issued ID with your legal name, address and photo to enter the testing center. This may be a driver's license or a non-driver's licenses issued by the NH Department of Motor Vehicles or a passport accompanied by your school ID.

5. Be sure to write down your HiSET or GED ID#, you will need this for the waiver form.

  • It is also a good idea to write down your username and password because you will need to go back into your account to schedule and pay for the test and to see your scores.

6. Complete the Request to Waive the Age Requirement Form by following the instructions.

  • Take the official practice test (check with your school to see if they offer the test or if you need to schedule an appointment at a local testing center.)

    • You may submit a waiver form for one subtest at a time.
Name of the Practice Test Official Practice Test (OPT) GED Ready  
Format Paper-based only Online only  
Proctored/Not Proctored Proctored Not Proctored  
Required Scores Prepared or Well-Prepared Likely to Pass (145+)  
Cost Depends on who administers the test $6.99 per subject  
Location Local High School or Adult Education Center Online at GED only  








  • Get permission from your school district
  • Get permission from your parent or guardian

7. Mail the completed form to:

    High School Equivalency Office
    Bureau of Adult Education
    21 South Fruit Street, Suite 20
    Concord, NH 03301

    Or Fax it to: (603) 271-3454

8. You will be notified via the email address on your form when your waiver is approved.

9. Go back into the HiSET or GED portal to schedule and pay for your test.

10. Take the exam

11. Once you have successfully completed the entire exam, the Bureau of Adult Education will send your High School Equivalency Certificate to the address on your HiSET or GED account.

Home School Students

Home schooled students sometimes take the high school equivalency exam as a way to demonstrate a high school credential for colleges or employers. A home schooled student who is 18 or older may register and schedule testing without restrictions.

A home schooled student who is 16 or 17 must have an approved waiver to the age requirement on file prior to testing including permission from the  agency (referred to as the “participating agency” that was originally informed of the intent to homeschool by the parent. Generally, this is the local Superintendent’s office, the school district,a private school or the NH Department of Education.

Home school students should consult with the participating agency to determine if any additional requirements apply.

Incarcerated/Institutionalized Youth

  • Students, aged 16 or 17, residing in a correctional or other institutional setting should consult with the Education Director, a guidance counselor or a school liaison from their originating district for additional requirements.