Information for Home Schooled Applicants

Home schooled students sometimes take High School Equivalency Tests as a way to demonstrate a high school credential for colleges or employers. A home schooled student who is 18 or older may register for the HiSET® Test and schedule testing at any local testing center.

A home schooled student who is 16 or 17 may seek approval for HiSET® Testing by submitting the Request to Waive Age Requirement for High School Equivalency Exam form signed by a parent and a representative of the agency that has been notified of home schooling. Students under 18 must also demonstrate that they have passed HiSET® Official Practice Tests.

  • Homeschooled students must obtain permission from the agency (referred to as the “participating agency” that was originally informed of the intent to homeschool by the parent. Generally, this is the local Superintendent’s office, the school district or a private school.
  • Home school students should consult with the participating agency to determine if any additional requirements apply.

Directions for request to waive age requirement for the high school equivalency exam.