Meet Our Team- OSEW

Staff in the Office of Social and Emotional Wellness

Jen Doris
(603) 573-1479

Lisa Hayward, Ph.D.
Prevention Coordinator
State Law and Regulation
(603) 271-2295

Grants and Projects Team:

Pamela Becker
Project Grant Consultant
(603) 767-3610

Student Wellness Project Grant Consultant

Family Engagement Consultant

MTSS-B Technical Assistance Team:

Molly White
MTSS-B Consultant - South West Region
(603) 271-3947

Katherine Leswing
MTSS-B Consultant - South Central Region
(603) 271-3730

Stefanie King
MTSS-B Consultant - South East Region
(603) 892-4288

Heather Clogston
MTSS-B Consultant - North Country Region
(603) 724-9378

MTSS-B Consultant - Lakes Region

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Program Assistant

Elissa McCullough
(603) 271-3720