JMD Industries

JMD Industries is a VR New Hampshire Employment Leadership Award winner that employs people with disabilities.

Founded in 1977, JMD Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated metal finishing business based in Hudson, NH that serves clientele throughout the United States and Canada as well as other countries.

JMD believes that its employees are the backbone of its business. This includes JMD’s numerous employees with disabilities, many of whom the company brought on board through a collaboration with VR New Hampshire and its partners throughout the state.

“The current working environment over the past 18 months has been very challenging for employers, and I can't speak highly enough about our disabled employees for their commitment to work,” says Allison Vigor, JMD Vice President. “The skills that they've developed over the course of their lives, being disabled, really make them valuable employees who are willing to try anything and not back down from new challenges.”

Working with VR, JMD enjoys a streamlined recruitment process for connecting with qualified candidates throughout the region. “We demonstrate a willingness to train everybody well, continually striving to learn about each applicant to make the best job match possible regardless of disability, language, or anything else considered an employment barrier,” the company says.

The rewards are high retention rates, quality outcomes, and team members who know they are valued.

Learn more about JMD Industry’s experience employing people with disabilities.

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