Community Rehabilitation Program

Community Rehabilitation Program helps maximize employment outcomes for people with disabilities—with a focus on community-based, competitive integrated employment.

VR New Hampshire’s Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) comprises specific services delivered through authorized service providers, typically non-profit organizations. These service providers work closely with our VR counselors and CRP participants and their families and caregivers to maximize employment outcomes—with a focus on community-based, competitive integrated employment. Services are tailored to individuals’ interests and needs and may include everything from pre-employment and skills training to career exploration and assessment to onsite job coaching and support.

In 2019, the CRP underwent a significant revamp to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Learn about these changes to the CRP or read our rack card about VR New Hampshire’s CRP.


Pricing Form and Service Agreement

Pre-Employment Activities Package

Non-Supported Job Development Package

Supported Employment (SEP) Job Development Package

Job Analysis Report

Progressive Employment