Stackry, a VR New Hampshire Employment Leadership Award winner that employs people with disabilities.

Shipping American-purchased products to overseas consumers is not as easy as it may sound. That’s where Stackry comes in—a Nashua, NH-based business that helps shoppers consolidate online purchases from U.S. retailers and ship them collectively to more than 200 countries. 

Stackry has been working with the PLUS Company, a VR New Hampshire partner, to source qualified employees with disabilities. It’s all part of Stackry’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“It's hard to find good employees, and the employees we have gotten through the PLUS program have been exceptional,” says Erin Wilcox, Stackry’s General Manager. “They are dedicated, they care about their work, they are punctual, and they're unbelievable employees.”

To help Stackry meet its workforce needs, the PLUS Company matches pre-screened job candidates to the company’s specific needs and assists with job training—all with winning results. In fact, the Stackry team believes that their employees experiencing disability are teaching their colleagues just as much as they are learning.
Learn more about Stackry’s experience employing people with disabilities.

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