Uniform Guidance Training and FAQ

The following PowerPoint presentations were created and presented by the Bureau of Federal Compliance (BFC) as part of a Uniform Guidance training series offered this Winter/Spring 2022. Each PowerPoint is posted below by topic along with a supporting 'Frequently Asked Questions' document. These presentations were created in 2022, therefore include the most recent November 2020 2 CFR update. For any one-on-one technical assistance needs or training questions please reach out to the Bureau of Federal Compliance at FederalCompliance@doe.nh.gov.

Training Calendar

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DUNS to UEI (SAM) Transition

This PowerPoint (PPT) presentation outlines the change taking place in SAM.gov effective April 4, 2022 and the resulting action needing to be taken due to this change. DUNS is transitioning to UEI (SAM), an alphanumeric identifier. Because of this change, the NHDOE needs all subrecipients to report their UEI (SAM) identifier via a short survey. Details are outlined in the presentation and supporting documents below.

Equipment vs. Supplies

This PowerPoint (PPT) presentation outlines the requirements of both Equipment and Supplies per 2 CFR 200; including disposition and tracking of each. Additionally, we address the various assumptions and their subsequent inaccuracies. 

Procurement (Overview)

The Procurement (Overview) PowerPoint (PPT) presentation goes over the general requirements of procurement per 2 CFR 200.317-327.Within this presentation we address Procurement Methods as a general overview, but further details about these methods, as well as contract provisions, can be found in separate PPT presentations. 

Procurement (Methods)

This PowerPoint (PPT) presentation will specifically address the various procurement methods outlined in 2 CFR 200, when it is appropriate to utilize each method, and the requirements of each. Within this PPT, we address the noncompetitive procurement method (known to our subrecipients as sole source procurement), and the various aspects pertaining to this method.

Contract Provisions

This PowerPoint (PPT) presentation addresses the need for contract provisions under various circumstances. Contract Provisions are addressed in Appendix II of 2 CFR 200.

Single-Audit Certification

In this PowerPoint (PPT) we address how to properly execute the single-audit documents sent out annually by the BFC. These documents include the single-audit certificate and the federal funds program worksheet. These documents are issued and are to be returned by the deadline indicated under the requirements of 2 CFR 200.332(f), which requires the NHDOE to determine whether a subrecipient must have a single-audit completed due to the total amount of Federal fund expenditures for the preceding fiscal year exceeding $750,000. Further information about the monitoring of single-audit findings can be found on our website. 

Subrecipient Monitoring

This PowerPoint (PPT) presentation addresses the BFC subrecipient monitoring procedure and expectations. We address how monitoring is determined, what to expect during a monitoring visit, and the reporting requirements as a result of our visit. The detail of this procedure, the final reports and accompanying corrective action plans for each monitoring visit are available on our website..

Time and Effort

This PowerPoint(PPT) presentation addresses the time and effort requirements set in 2 CFR 200. We provide examples of the various types of time and effort documentation and when it is appropriate to utilize each type.