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Closed Colleges and Universities

List of closed colleges and universities once operating in New Hampshire.

Institution: Belknap College
Location: Center Harbor
Year Opened: 1963
Year Closed: 1973

Institution: Canaan College
Location: Canaan
Year Opened: 1961
Year Closed: 1973

Institution: Castle College (formerly Castle Junior College)
Location: Windham
Year Opened: 1963
Year Closed: 1999

Institution: Chester College of New England (formerly White Pines College)
Location: Chester
Year Opened: 1965
Year Closed: 2012

Institution: Concord College
Location: Concord
Year Opened: 1887
Year Closed: 1973

Institution: Daniel Webster College
Location: Nashua
Year Opened: 1965
Year Closed: 2017

Institution: Franconia College
Location: Franconia
Year Opened: 1963
Year Closed: 1978

Institution: Gunstock College
Location: Laconia
Year Opened: 1965
Year Closed: 1969

Institution: Hawthorne College (formerly Nathaniel Hawthorne College)
Location: Antrim
Year Opened: 1962
Year Closed: 1988

Institution: Lebanon College
Location: Lebanon
Year Opened: 1956
Year Closed: 2014

Institution: McIntosh College
Location: Dover
Year Opened: 1896
Year Closed: 2009

Institution: Mount St. Mary College
Location: Manchester
Year Opened: 1893
Year Closed: 1978

Institution: Mount Washington College (formerly Hesser College)
Location: Manchester
Year Opened: 1900
Year Closed: 2016

Institution: Notre Dame College
Location: Manchester
Year Opened: 1950
Year Closed: 2002

Institution: Pierce College for Women
Location: Concord
Year Opened: 1951
Year Closed: 1972

Institution: St. John International University
Location: Torino, Italy
Year Opened: 2008
Year Closed: 2014

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