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Arts Education

The Arts are part of a well-rounded education.

New Hampshire Arts Education Resources

New Hampshire Arts Standards and Model Competencies

Showcase: Student Works

The Arts and Social Emotional Learning

New Hampshire Rocks: Modern Band in the Granite State

Found Drum Challenge Videos:

  • Mr. Williams' Found Drum Challenge (click on link to download with your media player) by Dan Williams, Instrumental Music Director, John Stark Regional High School, Weare, New Hampshire

  • Dave Wish Founder, Little Kids Rock, Montclair, New Jersey

  • Liberty Devitto, professional drummer (Billy Joel, Slim Kings) and Modern Band supporter

Thirteen (13) New Hampshire schools are recipients of a generous challenge grant to launch New Hampshire Rocks!, a statewide initiative to expand student opportunities to create, perform and connect through music.

Participating schools include: Deerfield Community School, Little Harbour Elementary School, Granite State Arts Academy Public Charter School, Seacoast Charter School, Cocheco Academy of The Arts Charter School, Manchester Central High School, Wilson Elementary School, Hillside Middle School, John Stark Regional High School, Symonds Elementary School, Hinsdale Middle and High Schools, Pine Tree Elementary School and Lin-Wood Public School.

New Hampshire Rocks! will provide:

  • Student-centered musical training and performance opportunities;
  • Opportunities for students to engage in collaborative music-making and music performances, especially important for students who do not relate to traditional school music programs; and
  • Provides youth development through music while increasing school-community connections.

Modern Band Context: Modern band utilizes pedagogical practices aligned to the New Hampshire Arts Model Competencies. Modern band programs will leverage proven factors for student success as highlighted in the state’s ESSA plan such as:

  • Student, parent, and family engagement
  • Social emotion learning opportunities
  • Teaching methods and materials that support the principles of Universal Design for Learning
  • Expanding students’ opportunity for music as a component of a well-rounded education (Title IV-A)


Marcia McCaffrey
Arts Consultant