Professional Learning Opportunities

The Bureau of Instructional Support is pleased to offer professional development opportunities for school districts.

School Year 2023-2024 Professional Learning

The New Hampshire Department of Education and Demonstrated Success have partnered together to offer webinars and workshops to assist your schools in analyzing and using data more effectively.

Lexile® and Quantile® Frameworks Training Videos

Introduction to Lexile Measure in the Library

The recording shows library/media specialists how to utilize Lexile® measures within the library context. This short recording below is designed to provide foundational information about the measures and about the free tools and resources available.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Video Assessment Series

With the switch to remote instruction in the spring, assessment of student learning had to shift overnight. Instead of face-to-face interactions, where educators could see student progress firsthand, assessment of student learning went online. This created a new set of challenges for educators. As educators return to school, they need to know what knowledge and skills students retained from last year; and, they need to be able to assess new learning in all sorts of educational environments, from fully online, to hybrid, to in-person.

This video series can help!

In each video and accompanying playbook, a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) perspective and approach is taken to assessment. This means helping educators design  assessments that are accessible, flexible, engaging, and aligned to the intended learning objectives. And, we don’t just talk! Each video is filled with information, support and examples educators can use right away.

The video series focuses on the use of frequent, formative assessment to improve instruction for all students by reducing barriers that may prevent robust learning. The focus is not on identifying weaknesses and disabilities in the individual learner, instead provide educators support, ideas, and resources to identify barriers in the design of the learning context. This makes it possible to probe whether a different set of options, a different path or a different design might lead students to deeper and more meaningful learning.

The UDL video assessment series can be viewed on YouTube. The video series includes:

  • Introduction to Assessment
  • Evaluating Assessments
  • Grade Level Video: K–2
  • Grade Level Video: 3–5
  • Grade Level Video: 6–8
  • Grade Level Video: 9–12