Title III—Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students

The Bureau of Student Support's Title III Office provides access to federal funding to school districts and charter schools within NH. The funding is used to enhance local programs for English Learners and immigrant students, to analyze data and share reports, and to support trainings for teachers, administrators, and community stakeholders about the linguistic and cultural abilities and needs of our English Learners and families.

Specifically the Title III Office offers grants to improve educational resources, curriculum and instruction, to enhance family and community engagement, and to supplement local education agencies professional learning programs for teachers, paraprofessional and administrators.

There are more than 5,000 English Learners (ELs) attending public schools in the state. The ELs are a diverse group, both linguistically and culturally, and more than 136 languages native languages are spoken in homes and communities across the state. The most commonly spoken are Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bosnian, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Maay, and Nepali. The majority of ELs in New Hampshire were born in the United States, yet there have also been numerous refugees who have been resettled in New Hampshire. In addition many English Learners have been adopted by welcoming families throughout the state, and some ELs are staying with host families while participating in cultural exchange programs.

The Title III Office is fully funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, under the legislative authority of Title III, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and NHED is committed to supporting this federal program and offering grants to eligible local education agencies to help foster the best academic and cultural choices for families of English Leaners.

Please visit the Title III Document Library for further information about the program and for applications to the various grants.




Janna Jobel, EL/Title III Education Consultant