NH’s Multi-Tiered System of Support for Behavioral Health and Wellness Model (MTSS-B)

NH’s Multi-Tiered System of Support for Behavioral Health and Wellness (MTSS-B) offers a comprehensive system of social, emotional, and behavioral supports to promote student wellness and improve engagement in learning.


The NH MTSS-B framework is grounded in the below system of care values:

  • Student wellness lens
  • Community-driven
  • Trauma responsive
  • Youth voice
  • Family engagement
  • Equity and cultural competence

Core Features

The NH MTSS-B framework ensures that all students are ready to learn. To achieve this, the NH MTSS-B prioritizes universal social-emotional supports through a tiered prevention framework and an integrated mental health delivery system through collaborative family and community partnerships. The framework relies on measuring student outcomes to continually improve the educational experience for all NH students. The MTSS-B framework supports students with all levels need through a tiered approach, described below:

Tier 1: Universal approaches

Tier 2: Targeted supports

Tier 3: Individualized services

Additional information on the core features of MTSS-B and a comprehensive toolkit for schools and districts on implementation and support can be found here

To learn more about MTSS-B in NH, watch this video


Katherine Leswing
MTSS-B Consultant - South Central Region
(603) 271-3730

Stefanie King
MTSS-B Consultant - South East Region
(603) 271-0466

Molly White
MTSS-B Consultant - South West Region
(603) 271-3947

MTSS-B Consultant - North Country Region

MTSS-B Consultant - Lakes Region