Office of State and Federal Accountability

The Office of State and Federal Accountability develops, implements, and evaluates accountability systems and measures as required by state and federal law. This includes the implementation of the accountability measures in the state ESSA plan, the identification of CSI/TSI/ATSI schools, the state Input-Based Accountability System (IBAS) and the state Performance-Based Accountability System (PBAS). The Office also provides direct technical support and assistance to schools, districts, and policymakers in understanding and interpreting accountability systems and measures in the state.

Proposed Revisions to the State ESSA Plan Submitted to the U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education (USED) is currently allowing states to revise their federal accountability systems to better address the impact of pandemic-related disruptions. As such, NHED has revised its State Plan to solidify previously approved modifications and to propose new changes that will enhance validity, reliability and inclusiveness of data used in New Hampshire's federal accountability system. See this document for a summary of the proposed changes. 

The State Accountability Task Force, which is made up of education leaders across the state, has reviewed and provided feedback on the proposed changes. NHED is currently awaiting USED's response on the proposed changes. 


2022 Addendum to the State ESSA Plan

On July 25, 2022,  the US Department of Education (USED) approved New Hampshire’s 2022 Addendum to the State ESSA Plan. The Addendum streamlines Exit criteria for CSI and ATSI schools as well as pushes some of the state’s long-term targets and goals out by 2 years. This technical guidance summarizes changes to the state ESSA plan.



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