ACCESS, Alternate ACCESS and WIDA Screener for English Learners

English learners (ELs) Kindergarten - Grade 12 are required annually to take either the ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS for ELs. Initial EL eligibility is determined through administration of the WIDA Screener, an English language proficiency assessment.


ACCESS is taken annually by English learners in Kindergarten – Grade 12. The test measures annual progress towards development of English language proficiency.

Program Coordinator/Educator Resources

Scoring Appeals

The scoring appeal process allows NHED to address any claims of perceived scoring inaccuracy from LEAs in one or more areas of a student's individual score report; or a miscalculation of a student's overall composite score.

  • The Scoring Appeal Window is closed for the 2021-22 testing cycle. Please check back in May 2023 for updated information about scoring appeals for 2022-23.

Alternate ACCESS for ELs

The Alternate ACCESS is available for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

Family Resources

Exit and Reclassification of English learners

WIDA Screener

The WIDA Screener is the state approved English language proficiency assessment given to new students in grades K-12. The screener is used to measure a student's English language proficiency and to determine eligibility as an English language learner.

Additional resources for NH EL Educators and ACCESS Test Coordinators are available in the WIDA Secure Portal. If you don't have access to the Secure Portal, please request access through your district i4see coordinator.

Technical Reports