Celebrating Leadership in Education Awards

The goal of the Awards program is to shine a positive spotlight on the achievements of these quality educators. In honoring them, we recognize the lasting power and potential of great teachers, and the teaching profession. Educators like these, and those who will follow in their footsteps, give us great hope for the future of American education, and America's children.

Each year, educators and supporters celebrate an evening of Leadership in Education honoring the New Hampshire:

These educators recognize the critical connection between successful students and educator excellence and give their time and ideas to improve our educational system. We are proud to acknowledge the vision and dedication that these New Hampshire educators bring to their profession. Each one of these outstanding individuals has made an impact on the lives of their students and the profession of teaching. The Department of Education would like to applaud the outstanding achievements of these recipients.

2023 Awards Ceremony

2022 Awards Ceremony

2021 Awards Ceremony

2020 Awards Ceremony

Due to the pandemic, no award ceremony was held in 2020

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